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How do we impact?

We create entrepreneurs. Our vision is to reach out to every dreamer who wants to make a difference and leave a mark on this wonderful journey called life.


MIDAS is a pioneer entrepreneurship institute with a unique framework being taught with a practical approach, different from all courses and MBAs. The PGCM in Entrepreneurship at MIDAS offers:

  • Understanding your strengths and areas of improvement as an entrepreneur

  • Brainstorming of ideas for the needs and solutions it serves

  • Product development or service orientation mapping

  • Go-to-Market Strategy for Business Launch

Prof. Parag Shah

Entrepreneurial Strategy, Critical Thinking, Leadership and Creativity

Pooja Shah

Personal Mastery ( Transcend )

Chair - Entrepreneurship Program Lean Startup, Design Thinking

Chirag Gujarati

Business Finance

Dr. Komal Deshpande

Creative Writing & Theatre

Dr. Bernie Warren

Talent Management & Negotiation Skills

Nellooli P. Rajasekharan

Critical Problem Solving

Rohaan Goswami

Entrepreneurial Economics

Nirav Suratwala

Public Speaking

Shaheen Maniar

Legal Aspects of Business

HB Keshava

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