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1. What are we offering?

Course Description

The PGDM in Entrepreneurship is an 11-month, intensive
program that trains you in every aspect to successfully launch a new business or
join your family business. The program answers every question you might have
about how to launch a start-up in India or how to manage your family business
and clears every doubt that clouds your thoughts. The multi-disciplinary approach
of the program aims to build the mindset and develop the entrepreneurial way of
thinking. Based on international research and taught by experienced
entrepreneurs the program provides expert guidance, starting from ideation
stage, right up to the business launch for new businesses and business
development for family business.

Program Stages : Please refer to

2. Who should attend this course?

  • Anyone looking to take their family business forward.

  • Anyone looking to take their business idea forward.

  • Anyone looking to understand how a business idea can be launched into an actual business.

4. Program Fees

Rs.9,40,000/- (Includes Tuition Fees & Academic Activities.
Excludes Residence & Dining facility)

3. What is the tenure?

11 Months

PGCM in Entrepreneurship


To know more about our alumni success stories
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I always wondered if I am on the right path. Attending this extremely interesting workshop only strengthened my decision to become an Entrepreneur and launch my trading portal

Darshan Shah 

The year spent at MIDAS has been one of exponential growth and transition both in my personal and professional life. MIDAS not only helps one start a venture but make entrepreneurs for life. My key takeaways were, understanding the simplicity of a business idea - finding solutions to a relevant problem by breaking market norms and learning the right tools to do so like creativity and Critical Thinking.

Akanksha Ladkat 

Akanksha 4.jpg
Midas Activities (16).jpg

I was looking to pursue a practical and relevant course after my graduation. Being from a business family, I had to add value to my business. After graduation, I wished to have a professional education that would add value yet not take years to complete. This is the most relevant business program taught in the shortest time.

Monil Shah

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